Friday, 20 March 2015

Today is...


No, really, it's a thing.  It was on the BBC, so it must be true.

And today I have a little happy gift for the (Crafting) world.  Seriously, at the risk of sounding like one of those adverts that pop up just when you don't expect them:

"Redhill Mum finds amazing crafting secret that costs pennies and will change your life"


Stick your Tombow glue upside down into this 49p candlestick thingy from IKEA using blutak and then stick the candlestick to your craft desk with more blutak.  You will never need to shake the glue down again, and will be able to open it with one hand, ready to use, see:


In the words of little Lola: I am really ever so absolutely happy about this! 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Who ya gonna call?....

... do I have to say it?

It was school"Rag Week" at my girls' school this week and they had a film-themed dressing up day. They and their friends put these outfits together, don't they look great? (ghost courtesy of my best bed linen modelled by my husband):

I just love that they made their "proton packs" with cereal boxes, Pringles tins and bottle tops - Blue Peter I thank you!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Annual Owl Punch post

So many creative opportunities from such a versatile piece of crafting magic!  I know that thousands of you have enjoyed looking at this owl punch post and this one  here on my blog.  So now, over a year after the last one, I have another set of ideas for you, both my own and off the ol' interweb. I have done my best to credit the originals below; please let me know if there is something to add...

Are you ready?

...and there are two more Owl Punch Compilations - you'll find them to the right under "Popular Posts".

Such creative potential!  Every primary school could use one (or more) as an end of year gift!  The owl punch is produced by Stampin Up and costs just £15.50; I recommend my demonstrator, Amanda Fowler.

Hedgehog - my own
Caterpillar - inspired by Dani at
OO-WL, licensed to kill - my own
Bee - Trish at,uk
Fox -Trish at,uk
Ladybird - Trish at,uk
Spirit the Mustang - inspired by Trish's pony at,uk
Bronte the grumpy cat - clare at
Dressing-up-as-Elsa Owl and Olaf - my own
Nail Varnish - Michelle at
Mushroom - Cecile at
Present Sack -
Christmas penguin - Kay at
Stethoscope - my own
Squaw - Bronwyn at
Sully - Eve at
Octopus - all over the place!