Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A favourite pin..

...using a favourite punch.  This lovely card is an absolute gem. I pinned it in September last year, as inspiration for my beach quilt, because it uses the brilliant bird builder punch, and because it's simply great. I am constantly being reminded of it because people are pinning it all the time. Typical of Margaret who made it (of Making Papercrafts blog), she very modestly put it up on her blog, apologising for not blogging much lately and looking to get back into creating with the routine of her job at a school.  Sadly, the next post was created by her son and daughter explaining that she had passed away after a period of illness.  I wrote this post as a great many people are clearly still enjoying her wonderful creativity and I wanted to make sure all my readers got a chance to admire the many fabulous creations on her blog including this one.  Thanks for the inspiration, Margaret x