Sunday, 14 February 2016

A bit more wow with marbling...

About a year ago I blogged on some experiments with shaving foam printing.  This evening I had another chance to explore shaving foam marbling with re-inkers and I have a few more insights to share with you!

1) You can make a swirly background (maybe a second or third print) and then "paint" the ink onto the shaving foam with a fine paint brush or skewer, placing it very specifically rather than just using the dropper.  It seemed to work best with sparing amounts of ink; otherwise it will smudge when you wipe the foam off the print.  I just stirred some deep spirals into some pink blobs and made roses - some of them came out lovely, just had to be a bit selective with my heart punch!

2) I wanted a more detailed liquid effect so I tried a cornflour solution and it worked a treat.  I blended a teaspoon of cornflour in a small mug of boiling water, and poured it into a shallow dish (about 5mm deep). When I started to drop the blobs of ink they spread and looked like coral. Then I spread it in lines back and forth. The smoothness of the cornflour was really effective and I got this using two shades of blue:

The second time I blended the cornflour with cold water and microwaved it.  This made a terrible mess in the microwave, and the first print was rubbish:

But I stirred what was left around and the second print was very pretty if rather gentle.

With the cornflour I felt I needed to rinse it off with gently running water, but the photographic paper I used held the ink colour very well.

3) Finally, you can really bring out the lovely effect of the marbling by carefully cropping the best bits of your prints and mounting them on some cardstock that brings out one of the colours,