Sunday, 10 June 2018

Thirty years ago today...

... I went to the best concert of my life.  Thanks for the memories, George!

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Occupational therapy... the shape of a felted fawn.

My last two weeks have been a slow frustrating process of  recovering from a shoulder op, but judging by this morning's craft therapy, I must be on the mend - I made this little chap, and am so pleased with how he turned out!

I am feeling rather sore now but a small price to pay for getting my mojo back; I just want to add a few more spots later.  It took time (about 3 hours) but was much easier than I expected to get a good result, I just followed this fab tutorial from the wishing shed: she makes kits too at a very reasonable price; go on, give it a go!

PLUS: Many thanks to Hayley at for generously coming up with some off white felt for me when I realised I'd run out!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Anyone fancy a ...


I've been so very busy lately that I had nearly forgotten how much fun it is having a day of crafting.    Yesterday morning my elder daughter and I  did some experimenting with "Acrylic Pours" on canvas.  It was not hugely successful but gloriously messy!  Then in the afternoon I got out some "melt and pour" soap base that I bought a while ago and made these little "cupcake"  soaps:  Lime and Coconut are the green ones, and the pink ones are Geranium.  I also made some "Dead Sea Salt & Bergamot" body scrub which smells nice but is incredibly un-photogenic so there is no photo of that!  I can't wait to try them, but in the meantime I am enjoying looking at them and catching the lovely scent... 

With love and hugs to my adorable and ever-encouraging crafting companion. xx