Once upon a time… 

there was a bride-to-be who thought finding the headdresses she wanted would be easy.  One fine morning she set out for her local bridal shop.  The bride-to-be picked up a shiny tiara and placed it on her head – she liked the patterns but it was too tall.  She tried on another – she loved the shape of it but it was too blue.  She tried on a third, but instead of it being just right, it was just tight.  Oh dear!  What was she to do?  “I know what I want” she said “I just don’t think I will ever be able to find it”.

A little later, she was suddenly engulfed by a cloud of smoke.  A woman emerged: “My name is Helen White and I am going to make you your dream tiara!” she said.  She took the bride-to-be to her studio, where they talked about what styles and beads she liked, the style of the wedding, her dress design, and hair plans.  Helen built a story board as they talked, and gradually a sketch emerged of the kind of pieces she was looking for.   Helen designed matching earrings, a necklace and hairpins as well as small tiaras, earrings and necklaces for the bridesmaids. 

“Thank you” said the girl, “but I will never be able to afford it all”.  Helen replied “You’ll be surprised how reasonable my prices are compared to the shops!”  And she was. 

A few weeks later, our heroine went to pick up her headdresses with her mum.  “Gorgeous!” said mum with a tear in her eye “they are exactly what you were looking for! Just one problem…”  “What’s that mum?”  “I’m feeling left out - I think I’d better have something as well!”  So mum got a necklace and earrings too. 
Of course, on her wedding day the bride was more beautiful than ever.  And even now, whenever our heroine has to vacuum or iron she pops on her lovely tiara;  suddenly, chores don’t seem so bad.  And that’s how to live happily ever after!

The end 

PS  I admit that the bit about the cloud of smoke is made up, but the rest really happened.

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